Industry Partners

  • brewmp

    Brew Developer Alliance (Member)


    Brew MP™ is a robust, integrated and highly scalable mobile OS by Qualcomm with global reach that brings richer applications and experiences to the world’s largest markets today, and next-generation ones tomorrow.
  • iphone

    iPhone Developer Program (Corporate Member)


    The iPhone Developer Program provides a complete and integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing free, commercial, or in-house applications for iPhone and iPod touch.
  • jcp

    Java Community Process (Member)


    The Java Community Process is an open, inclusive process to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits.
  • OHA

    Open Handset Alliance (Founding Member)


    The Open Handset Alliance™ is a group of 84 technology and mobile companies who have come together to accelerate innovation in mobile and offer consumers a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience.



Myriad Tops 50 Million Users with its MSNGR Chat service

01 April 2014 - Myriad Group today announced that it has seen significant continued growth in its MSNGR chat service with total registered subscribers jumping from 38 million in Q4 2013 to 50 million in Q1 2014   read more