Myriad Alien Vue

Myriad Alien Vue offers TV providers the ability to create and deploy new innovative apps and services on set-top boxes and home gateways. It provides a framework to enable Android apps to run on set-top boxes and home gateways and is set to accelerate the pace of innovation on RDK set-top boxes.

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  • Alien Runtime - embedded device software that runs Android applications and supports minimal application development, system compatibility, native integration and lower memory.
  • Alien App Ecosystem - a fully managed service providing access to a customisable application store environment, comprising of the latest Android applications. Developer resource including documentation & tools and application management including the sourcing of apps.
  • Deployment - cloud and embedded options are available to customers regarding the deployment of Myriad Alien Vue. Alien Embedded comprises Alien running on the operator’s set-top box and integrated with the native OS & apps. Alien Cloud features Alien running on a server connected to a thin client.


  • Controlling Services - gives TV providers greater control of apps and Internet services.
  • Portable - facilitates Android portability, enabling apps to run on non-Android set-tops, allows existing set-top software to be retained.
  • Mitigate Threats - enables operators to mitigate the threat of OTT solutions and keep their customers engaged.
  • Developer Community Access - provides access to the large and diverse Android app developer community.
  • Retain Control - enables control to be maintained over the ecosystem, apps, widgets and advertising.
  • Deployment Models - embedded (Linux) or operates virtualised in the cloud.
  • Controlling Services - gives TV providers greater control of apps and Internet services.
  • Greater Choice - provides long-tail of apps as part of a broader offering, gives users an alternative to accessing apps and content via OTT services.
  • Seamless User Experience - no loss in performance, applications appear and function just like native apps to user.
  • Enriching Services - enables applications to access TV specific functions to provide more integrated solutions.
  • Customer Engagement - strengthens the TV providers relationship with customers.
  • New Revenue - the introduction of new value added services supports the establishment of additional recurring subscription fees.
  • Exploit Investment - utilises existing software and technology environments.
  • Flexible Deployment - enables customers to select their preferred option regarding cloud or embedded service deployment. 

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