Myriad Connect & Share

Myriad Connect & Share offers a fully integrated, feature rich software suite, enabling the sharing of multimedia content anytime, anywhere. Music, photos and premium videos can be seamlessly streamed between any connected device on the home network, including mobile devices, TVs, set-top boxes, games consoles and Blu-ray players.

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  • Feature Rich Solution - supports all DNLA device classes including: Server (DMS), Renderer (DMR), Player (DMP), Controller (DMC), Mobile Server (M-DMS), Mobile Controller (M-DMC), Mobile Player (M-DMP) and Upload/Download (M-DMU/D).
  • Multi-Screen Experience - ability to stream both premium and non-premium content on multiple screens simultaneously within the connected home.
  • Access and Search Multimedia Content - enables the user to search for all media content on DLNA home servers via one simple UI.
  • Screen Switching - allows the user to simply switch and transfer content between devices within the home network, without any disruption or the need to restart the multimedia content.
  • Remote User Interface HTML5 - enables service provider services located in the cloud to be accessed by any device in the home network, without developing a dedicated application for every device.
  • DTCP-IP Source and Sink - supports the security of a premium video stream between two DLNA devices in the home network.
  • Transcoding - adapts the media content to match the device playing capabilities.
  • Browser Plug-In - enables the user to browse video streaming websites via their mobile device, and then simply transfer the web video stream to any other device within the home network.
  • Trick Mode - provides the user with the ability to fast forward or rewind any media content being played within the home network.


  • Highly Interoperable Solution - enables seamless connectivity and interaction between third party DNLA devices.
  • Increased Revenues - delivers ease of access to streaming services through different devices, generating greater usage of premium content.
  • Rich User Experience - allows users to share, control and play multimedia content “anytime, anywhere”.
  • Secure Solution - adheres to DTCP-IP standards, ensuring that all copyrighted content can only be shared and accessed within the home network.
  • Customer Engagement - strengthens the relationship with users. It just works!
  • Proven and Deployed - already validated in market. Typical 5 month deployment timescale, including UI customisation and certification.

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