Alien Dalvik (inc Alien Vue)

Myriad Alien Vue provides a framework to enable Android apps to run on mobile devices, streaming media devices, set-top boxes and home gateways.

Myriad-Alien-Vue-MedOEMs and service providers gain access to the Android application and developer space but still maintain separation from full Android adoption.


  • Alien Runtime – embedded device software that runs Android applications and supports minimal application development, system compatibility, native integration and lower memory.
  • Alien App Ecosystem – a fully managed service providing access to a customizable application store environment, comprising of the latest Android applications. Developer resource including documentation & tools and application management including the sourcing of apps.
  • Deployment – cloud and embedded options are available to customers regarding the deployment of Myriad Alien Vue. Alien Embedded comprises Alien running on the operator’s set-top box and integrated with the native OS & apps. Alien Cloud features Alien running on a server connected to a thin client resident on the embedded device.


  • Portable – enables apps to run on non-Android platforms, allows existing platform software to be retained.
  • Mitigate Threats – enables operators to mitigate the threat of OTT solutions and keep their customers engaged.
  • Developer Community Access – provides access to the large and diverse Android app developer community and application pool.
  • Retain Control – enables control to be maintained over the ecosystem from applications and their delivery to advertising revenue.
  • Two Deployment Models – embedded (Linux) and virtualized cloud.
  • Seamless User Experience – no loss in performance, applications appear and function just like native apps to user.
  • Enriching Services – enables applications to access device specific functions to provide more integrated solutions, channel changing on a set-top box for example.
  • New Revenue – the introduction of new value added services enables establishment of additional recurring subscription fees as well as hooking into in-app advertisement revenue streams

Dalvik Turbo

Up to 5 times faster

  • Seamless replacement for the standard Dalvik Virtual Machine, the engine powering Android applications
  • Increases the execution speed of applications developed using the Java programming language by up to five times
  • Advanced optimization techniques inherited from Myriad’s Java virtual machine expertise

Fully compatible with Android

  • Allows developers to implement advanced graphics and complex models into games while retaining full compatibility with existing software
  • 100% compatible with Android bytecodes and therefore language independent
  • Extensively tested using standard Java Virtual Machine tests and benchmarks, including those of the Compatibility Test Suite